The 5 Ways To Tell FAKE News From REAL News!!! The ULTIMATE Guide!!!

We came across this article by Laura McClure. She is an award-winning journalist and the TED-Ed Editor. We thought it might be helpful to anyone struggling to tell the difference between real news and fake news. And let's be clear. There is a lot of Fake News out there as conservatives know all too well.


But surely everyone can tell the difference between Real News and Fake News can't they?

It will come as no surprise to many of you that people of all ages often can't.  And a study by Stanford University revealed that many students are vulnerable to being duped by Fake News.

Fake News Is DANGEROUS! Here's why.

During times of crisis, the effects of Fake News can spread all around the world. The Corona Virus is a very good case in point. Social networks have been a fertile ground for conspiracy theories
  • In India, misunderstandings about the Corona Virus and how it was spread led to mob attacks on Doctors and healthcare workers all over the country.
  • Across the United Kingdom, 70 phone masts were vandalised and telecommunications engineers threatened and attacked. As rumours that 5G mobile phone technology was somehow to blame for the virus probably due to its connection with China.
  • In China, dogs and cats were thrown from apartment blocks. By terrified occupants because people thought that their beloved pets were spreading the deadly Corona Virus.
  • In Iran, 796 people died from alcohol poisoning after viral rumours spread about its curative effects. An official from Iran's Legal Medicine Organization attributed it to "fake news on social media."

To avoid being a victim of Fake News. 

You're going to need to start doing at the very least a bit of questioning.  Is the source unbiased?  Has the source got an agenda that wishes to just highlight the 'facts' that back up their 'story.'  People of all ages do not need to be vulnerable to this sort of bad reporting.  You could, for instance, see how this source covered another topic.  It will be pretty clear when you've skimmed a few headlines, how this paper, newscaster, podcast, video broadcaster feels on most subjects.  If you can see an obvious bias.  Dig deeper and look for alternatives articles on the same subject. 

In recent years there has never been a larger divide between the way things are reported or frankly just ignored.  

Laura McClure, the journalist and TED-Ed Editor, who wrote the article concluded:
If you get in the habit of asking all 5 of these questions whenever you read a news article, then your basic news literacy skills will start to grow stronger
It is certainly worth doing a bit of homework before you take what you hear or even what you see as the gospel truth and not something that has been tweaked for effect.  


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