How Gender, Race, Feminism And Identity Politics Are DESTROYING Us!

Democracy as we know it is at risk! The risks are many but in today's doomsday chronicle we cover the communist activists that are pushing an agenda that tries to rally LGBGT, black people, feminists, trans groups, and more into an angry mob in an effort to subvert the majority of American citizens.


First On The Menu We Explore Could You Go To An Identity Politics Rally?

#1. Find a group! There are lots to chose from. Identity Politics rounds up anyone and everyone with a grievance. Unless that grievance is poverty. Or lack of opportunity generally, of course if your a white christian male you need not apply, in fact it will probably be much better for your health if you don't (these people are loco).
#2. You will need to be:
A Specific Race - but not white, preferably black.
Ethnicity, any will do - but not of 'white' European dissent.
A woman - Must be willing to wear several buttons declaring your allegiance to Bernie Sanders, Hillary, #Metoo, Feminism, Madonna, a Black Female Running Mate for Biden and anything else that becomes the cults new mantra.
Gender identity - transgender, gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, any combination of these. - Very difficult if you are cis-gender (the 90% of the population once called normal). You may need to do a lot of virtue signalling. Wear a placard saying you will do better and repent for the sins you have inherited from your ancestors with daily doses of self-hatred because your ancestors were successful, white or god forbid slaveholders.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual - We hear less about these people than we used too probably because they consider the battle won.
General Group - Depending on any of these you may be a suspicious visitor and need to overcompensate with animal sacrifices or other ungodly acts to fit in with these strange fascistic, cult-like individuals. Age, economic class, disability status, education, religion, language, profession, political party, veteran status, and geographic location all play a large role in their judgement of you!

The Post Modernist/Marxist Left Tell You Multiculturalism Is A Good Thing - Embrace It Or YOU Will Suffer! These People Are In Your Workplace, Behind The Scenes On Your Social Media, Your Neighbors. Like 1930's Germany We Can Feel The Soft Grip Getting Ever Tighter Week By Week.

For the Left - identity politics lumps together special interest groups and constituencies. For instance, women, LGBGT+, religious minorities, and racial minorities. Lassoing these very different groups together. Who often have very differing views on major topics. Under the banner of Cultural Diversity, they whip up a storm of hatred against the 'oppressors'. Galvanizing these groups with policies that can gain some traction. Issues that have particular importance for them:
  • reproductive rights,
  • police violence,
  • trans access and rights,
  • microaggressions,
  • policing language etc,
  • And MANY MANY More.


Most People Are Aware That Running The Most Powerful Nation In The World Through The Eyes Of Tiny Cult-Like Minorities Of The Population Is Idiotic And Will Mean Americas Decline Yet This Still Gains Traction! Tell Us Why You Think In The Comments At The End Of This Article.

A sensible person will tell you that Politics based on Identity can't be good for a country. It will marginalize large sections of the country. It will create division. It will stop us looking at the merit of someone based on their individual talents and traits. It will force us to first see the differences rather than the things we have in common and ultimately it will hurt America! Being a powerful politician is an important role one which affects the lives of maybe millions and the best person should be making those calls! It doesn't take a leap to then consider that not only is identity politics a bad concept it could ultimately lead to civil war with one side feeling left out and underrepresented!


  The Rise Of Black Power 2.0 And The Real Black Lives Matter! Watch Our Video To Learn All About Them

Black Lives Matter protesters have opened up conversations about the history of privilege, racism, and the lived experiences and identities of black people in America. Some of these fair narratives should be looked into! Individual acts of racism need to be called out, questions need to be asked and if appropriate action is taken! We can all agree I hope that racism is wrong regardless of white to black, black to white, white to Asian or whatever it maybe we want to see less hatred in society.
But remember the slogan is 'Black Lives Matter'. You would think at least this group would be able to unite. But, now the distinction between "black" and "African American" has become a prominent conversation on social media.
A proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell. The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of Marxist, Communist, Post Modernist governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite almost always themselves, their friends and family. Sound like Democrats to you? We think similarities are more and more apparent!
Identity Politics has brought together such unlikely companions and allies. As William Shakespeare said in the play The Tempest, “politics makes strange bedfellows.”

Voting Based On Race Is A Terrible Idea! People Don't Question The Job They've Done! One Party States Lead To TERRIBLE Government! Look At New York And California!

Dr. Hisla Bates, Harvard and Yale-trained physician, said race is a social construct and shouldn’t define anyone.
“I don’t like to be called Black or African American because it doesn’t define me and is dismissive of my heritage and ethnic makeup. I am from the Caribbean and prefer Caribbean American rather than African American,” Bates said.
“There are so many ways to be ‘Black’ and so many mixtures and countries that when we define people by a single color, we miss multiple parts of who they are. That is true for Whites as well,” she said.

Black Voters Are Better Served By Conservative Values. That's What History Says!



So let's assume that if you are black and buck the media stereotype. You might like to take a look at the policies that suit your circumstances best and not you're color. It may not be in your interests to vote based on Identity Politics.
For you, the important issues could align with economic success and the opportunities that bring to black communities or your local community. Also, you may not want your tax dollars spent on parades, forums, social inclusion conferences. Not to mention, literature re-educating the masses on microaggressions and the use of language. While people sleep on the street and use sidewalks as restrooms!
Fiddling while Rome burned comes to mind with a picture of Nero witnessing the death of his great city while he doesn't do anything to help it!

Why Are White Democrats Championing Identity Politics?

If we look across America at the long-held cities and states held by democrats we can see a horrific picture of failure, suffering and mismanagement! If you're responsible for this pathetic state of affairs you may be very pleased to be able to lay blame for your failures and the failures of your beliefs and values at the feet of systemic racism, white privilege and any other concept that could convince people the fault is not of there or your making! A total absolution of failure and a way to grab more and more power for yourself!


Identity Politics Silences The Concerns Of Those With 'White Privilege'

"But while there’s no price paid by Harvard Law students who “check their privilege,” or by Silicon Valley execs who enthusiastically embrace the latest trends in identity politics — they and their families will do just fine — the rest of white America is not so fortunate. We’re left with the odd reality in which white kids who live in trailer parks are “privileged,” while the sons and daughters of wealthy black doctors are “oppressed” — in which the legitimate concerns of white working-class and middle-class Americans are dismissed as misguided at best (after all, they’re privileged) and racist at worst."     David French is a senior editor at The Dispatch

CONCLUSION - Our Final Thoughts

Conservatives need to use their vote to stop this madness. To show all politicians these people cannot dictate terms to America and that America will stand up on election day and defend our liberty, values and way of life. Those people no matter how loud, no matter how wild or crazed will be defeated and that cult-like fascism will never win in our great nation.
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