Riots Make Americans More Conservative!!! The Election Game Changer???

With yet another spate of protests against police brutality. There have been subsequently organized marches across not only in America but world-wide. Some peaceful. Some not so peaceful. And when night fell large numbers took to the streets and riots, looting and violence followed

People generally see peaceful marches and protests as 'good' and 'riots' as bad.
“Destruction is like a snowball rolled down a Hill, for its Bulk encreases by its own swiftness and thus Disorder spreads.”Peter Ackroyd, Hawksmoor
Not everyone agrees.
"Riots work,” insists George Ciccariello-Maher in Salon. But despite the obviousness of the point, an entire chorus of media, police, and self-appointed community leaders continue to try to convince us otherwise, hammering into our heads a narrative of nonviolence that has never worked on its own, based on a mythical understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.”
However, Martin Luther King pointed out. “If you create an environment of conflicts, I don’t think you will enjoy peace yourself.”
The sad truth is that riots affect the majority while it is generally the minority that is doing the rioting. The cost of rioting is a long list of personal misery. Often the communities where the rioting takes place take decades to repair the damage. People lose their livelihoods and some lose their lives.
"The pro-rioting (or anti-anti-rioting) argument portrays this as the necessary price of worthwhile social change. Rioting can generate attention among people who might otherwise ignore the underlying conditions that give rise to it." States Darlena Cunha, writing in Time.
Omar Wasow, assistant professor at the Department of Politics at Princeton, has published a studying addressing whether rioting was ever a good thing. His answer was clear.

"Riots, on the whole, provoke a hostile right-wing response. They generate attention, all right, but the wrong kind."

Historically, Wasow commented. "nonviolent civil-rights protests did not trigger a national backlash. But violent protests and looting did."

He concluded. "The physical damage inflicted upon poor urban neighborhoods by rioting did not have the compensating virtue of easing the way for more progressive policies. Instead, it compounded the damage by promoting a regressive backlash."



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