How To Organize Kids Clothes! 7 Steps To Save Time For More Family Fun

We found this super easy but super cute idea on a website called  Jamin and Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home say their passion is to help clients and other families achieve realistic, attainable homes.  That sounds like a good goal.  They were recently featured in the Nation’s Top 100 Most Creative People by Country Living Magazine. Their work has been featured in national commercials. They have captured the attention of media outlets like Better Home and Gardens, Domino, House Beautiful, The New York Times, Good Housekeeping. They've appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, and The Today Show.
Their mantra is; we don’t believe in the dream home, we believe in your home. They believe you should stop 'pining away for the perfect home and make the house you live in now the one that you love.'

Practical Infographic  

To help you get the same look and practical application we produced an infographic. It shows you how to follow their advice and create a more structured laundry day that can get everyone involved. Using a simple label system that will leave even the youngest child no excuse. Ensuring everyone pitches in to help.

You can either make your own labels or you can access and print off their labels.  

Something more suitable for Teenagers in your life

Alternatively, you might want to cut out images from magazines for Teenagers.  Or a favourite clothing catalogue would be a good source for this project.  Just cut and paste onto some card.  

Whatever you decide I am sure that some extra hands-on laundry day will be appreciated!





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