Got Grease Stains??? Here's How To Say Goodbye In Super Simple Steps!

I Love And You Love Our Tasty Greasy Food But Those Grease Stains Can Be Such A Pain To Get Rid Of. Here Is How To Demolish Grease Stains In Super Simple Steps!

America is famous for its tasty but greasy fried food. These tasty treats are not just cooked in oil or butter or bacon fat. Some are proud to be dripping in fat which shines from every tasty morsel.
Every corner of America seems to have a tradition of fried food delicacies.
Popular tasty greasy meals would include :
And did you know that Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza, has a thicker base at one and half inches deep. Dripping with mozzarella cheese. Toppings include pepperoni (full of grease stain potential!). Black olives, onions, sausage. Higher in calories than regular pizza. A slice of your Chicago Deep Dish will be 360 calories. Instead of 298 calories for a regular slice of pizza.
Buffalo Wings - often fried in peanut oil and served with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing.
Cheese Burger - popular all over the world it could be considered as one of America's best culinary exports.
The Philadelphia sandwich consisting of thin slices of "frizzled" steak and melted American Cheese. Put together in a hoagie roll. This open sandwich often has Sautéed (fried) onions and bell peppers.
Nachos - fried tortillas traditionally topped with Longhorn cheese, pickled jalapeños, and salt to taste. Often served with some add sour cream and refried beans, guacamole, and salsa.
Fries - thin cut potatoes fried in oil. Sprinkled with salt.  Great with a burger!
Hot Dogs with fried onions.

Healthy Balance


Everyone knows greasy food isn't good for us. It is high in fat content and with fewer nutrients and will raise our cholesterol levels. Which can increase our risk of a heart attack or stroke.   Plus its all very high in calories.  
So while greasy food is definitely not the healthiest choice.  No one is going to argue that a salad is a healthier choice, packed with vitamins and minerals.  A sensible choice for our health and waistline. But we should all be able to have one of these greasy delights once in a while. As they say 'everything in moderation'.


So what happens when your secret indulgence leave behind a nasty stain?

Want to get rid of that unsightly grease stain?  



Follow this infographic for great results! 






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