How To Remove Ink Stains in 7 SUPER Easy Steps!!! The Ultimate Guide!!!

Ink stains stink! No one wants them and its hard to get rid of them! We've put together a go-to guide!

Everyone has been in this position. Whether you are about to put on a batch of laundry or you're at work. A look of dismay comes across your face as you notice an ink blotch has apparently ruined your shirt, top, handbag, pocket!  Momentarily, you consider whether you can extend the life of this shirt by wearing it under a sweater. Probably not!
We came across an article by that explains how to get rid of pesky stains. Easier with a fresh one but still possible with an old one. We have produced an infographic that lays out the basics of how to get ink stains out of garments in 7 easy steps. So why not give it a try?

Store Cupboard Ingredients

Keep the following ingredients below on hand. And you will be well prepared to tackle future ink stains.
You will need:
  • Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol (Surgical spirits in the U.K).
  • An old towel or print-free brown paper bag
  • A rag
  • glycerin (you can buy small bottles of this in the cake baking area of your supermarket)
  • Oxygenated bleach (Oxiclean is one)
  • Liquid dish soap (Washing up liquid)


Hairspray - does it work?

A popular old wives tale is you can remove ink stains with hairspray. Like so many things the original ingredients have changed over time. Hairspray had its hay day in the '50s and 60's when it would hold up even the most elaborate hairstyle. Back then it was 100 alcohol. It was the alcohol that was so efficient. Nowadays, its a mixture of acrylics which will do little to improve your ink stain.  So, No don't spray your clothing with Hairspray!  Grandma's advice might have once great but the formula has changed. 



As we have discovered its the alcohol that does the stain removing. So logically it follows that Hand Sanitizer makes an excellent ink stain remover since it’s alcohol-based. Right now everyone has a bottle tucked away. But why not keep a small bottle in your desk drawer or a laundry room. It's inexpensive and works a treat!




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