How To Revive Rural Skills, Incomes And Communities. A Fantastic Example!

Reviving a Rural Industry

When you think of the Cotton Industry most people can't help but think its something of the past.  So you might think that it would be difficult in our current culture to create a success story from the embers of a dying industry.  But in 2012 two fashion houses did just that in Florence, Alabama.  Billy Ried and Natalie Chanin have created a range of organic cotton clothing in their own very different signature styles. 

Initially made from cotton picked from their own cotton fields.  Creating desirable clothing using local skills that were dying out. 


They have gone on to produce a very successful business model. 

Which ensures that they embrace modern e-commerce with 80% of their business coming from online sales.  While still ensuring local skills are fully utilized in the making of each garment which in many cases is hand-stitched.  It has become a great success story.  Reid and Chanin have been instrumental ensuring Florence lives up to its title of 'Renaissance City'.  Reviving old skills, creating locals jobs, and putting money into the local economy.

Reid has gone on to create an annual Shindig that celebrates all the great things the city of Florence offers both old and new.



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