How To Teach Kids To Be Media Savvy & Avoid Clickbait!

Clickbait is REAL. It is designed to entice the reader to Click. Here's how to avoid it.

Unfortunately, there is also clickbait that will lead the reader to malicious code meant to harm you and your computer.
But the term clickbait does not encompass all cases where the user arrives at a destination that is not anticipated from the link that is clicked.
I guess the best way of understanding Clickbait is that it is a form of false advertising. You are unlikely to come away satisfied in any way. Rather like a fish enticed by a rubber lure.
Often these clickbait headlines give enough information that you are too curious not to click and reveal all.
Clickbait will leave you unsatisfied. When you are an adult you can shrug and regret your time wasted but does it do more damage to kids?
At Common Sense Media they think it does. "Clickbait actually does damage. It's almost always age-inappropriate for kids. It's potentially harmful to your computer. It spreads misinformation, fake news, and dubious sources. And it degrades everyone's collective experience of the internet".
This is where the potential harm to children happens. Because they place great faith in the Internet. Most young people no longer ask for advice from older wiser adults. They almost all turn to the internet as their fountain of knowledge. That can lead to all sorts of misinformation.

Have you experienced the moment when you tell your child what you know is a fact only for them to double-check the answer with a rapid Google Search?


Most kids do not question where this internet information comes from. It's almost like it arrives from a Computer God. An all-seeing, all-knowing presence. Not to be questioned. Yet the information is only as good as the people inputting it into the system.

So we have produced this simple to follow infographic. With some encouragement and family discussion, they can be better informed. Question more and recognize the truth from the misleading while surfing the net.





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