The Media Quest To Be Right Not Honest Could DESTROY Them! Here's How!

"Our national media is guided only by this single standard…

Truth, facts, and accuracy are not required in the amoral quest to stop President Trump."

John Nolte  of wrote that in Feb, 2017. He exposed the many stories that Josh Rogin had written for the Washington Post that were total Fake News.

Mainstream Media, Has No Pressure To Get The News Right!

Over the last few years, there has been a concerted effort to stifle genuine debate by the Mainstream Media. Investigative journalism has gone and been replaced with news presenters - 'presenting' their own views. Almost always this is left-wing rhetoric that implies that anyone that does not hold their views is either a racist or a bigot.
During interviews. Someone seen as the 'opposition', in many cases, this is the current elected government's political leaders. Are bombarded with a series of questions all leading the presenter to get that GOTTCHA MOMENT. One that can then be edited and regurgitated all day and into the evening. The whole unedited interview will never be seen again.  In case it gives the viewer a chance to question the biased narrative being plugged repeatedly.
These interviewers never allow the 'opposition expert' to finish a sentence. Speak for more than a few minutes. Expound any ideas or policies. They must never be given a platform! And yet these 'news channels' need these policymakers in order to seem credible. Recently in the UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson stopped all interviews with the BBC for a time. Every interview twisted the minister's words as the Brexit deadline approached.  If for a moment a word could be heard that did not come from the interviewers, or perhaps a better description would be interrogator's mouth.  The Conservative Government is still more selective about the programs they will appear on because of issues with biased 'journalism'.  
So why has journalism strayed so far from what it was 10 years ago?

'We’re Not Biased, We’re Liberals'. Why Being On The 'RIGHT' Side Of History Is More Important Than Being Truthful!

In an article by Clyde Wayne Crews Jr at entitled
He says "Mainstream media does selective editing every day, as anyone who’s ever been quoted or interviewed can tell you.
Big Media’s major institutions like print and broadcast editorial management marinate in left of center perspectives, and this will matter and will pose interesting dynamics for any content regulation like that espoused by Zuckerberg.

This is the real issue.

Mainstream Media are no longer journalists they are left-wing campaigners and activists hell-bent on achieving social change.  With a mind-set aligned closer to Communism than the current Western Liberal-Conservative viewpoint. 




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