Microaggressions, PC Culture, Snowflakes And More DISECTED In COMPLETE Breakdown!!!

We All Accepted Political Correctness But Are Microaggressions Going Too Far?


Mao Like PC Culture Embraced As Mainstream!

Since the 1980's when Political Correctness became popular and policed by the media we have all accepted that we should not use certain words as they are considered offensive or insulting. For the most part, they were words that disparaged groups deemed to be oppressed. At the time we weren't so aware of these oppressed groups.  They were those subject to prejudice, disrespect, or discrimination on the basis of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or physical disability. I'd point them out in plain English but I can't because that would not be PC.
By the '90s Political Correctness sought to include more-diverse perspectives.  Ok, so far this doesn't seem to devastate our way of life. 
It wasn't so hard to do. It even seemed noble in a sense. It made us all rethink social norms and embedded prejudices. It tried to make us care more about others. For most of us, it meant changing a few words and watching what we say. When dealing with individuals face to face most of us are caring beings. 
As time has moved on and people have become more open about who they are.  The cupboard doors flew open and we all found a relative or friend popping out declaring themselves as something. 
We already loved these people, we knew them well.  We like our family member, neighbor, friend, or colleague regardless of his unusual trait.  We thought hell who cares he's a good guy.  Moreover, we could accomplish this more Political Correct inclusive goal, we didn't have a choice. Over the next twenty years, the PC Mao Esq culture strove for more and more.
Consequently, we accepted new terms without question. At least most of us did. Gradually in the last ten years, the thumbscrews have started to come out for anyone not towing the PC line.  It was no longer a voluntary agreement but was being 'policed' by activists, politicians, your boss, and the media.  Seeking ever more power over your life.
Consequently, under such pressure, Political Correctness has made some subjects very uncomfortable. For example, immigration. Policymaking topics that infringe on PC trigger words cannot be discussed openly.  As a result, the interests of nation-states are not dealt with in a timely fashion.  Certain words can be very unpopular and few politicians dare go near them.

In 2015 Donald Trump Republican nominee stated :

I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct” 

From Political Correctness To PC On Steriods - the tyranny of Microaggressions has surely gone too far!

You may not have heard of them in your circles.  However, Microagressions have been brewing for a while and have gained traction.


What is a microaggression?

Originally coined in the 1970s by Chester M. Pierce, a Harvard psychiatrist, today’s definition of a microaggression can be credited to Dr Derald Wing Sue, a professor of counseling psychology at Columbia University.

Yes, you read that right. Anyone other than an ABLE-BODIED CHRISTIAN WHITE MALE can experience a microaggression.  Furthermore, the victim can be completely unaware of being offended or demeaned. Above all, the offender is almost always someone white.



When you send your Conservative teenager off to University are they going to get more than a degree?. There is the very real worry that they may come back indoctrinated with Neo-Marxist views that alienate them from their 'Capitalist' parents. 


It's a real worry.  You send your robust teenager in good faith to University.  Along with the luggage, you feel sure they are taking with them your:

  • Western Capitalism ethos. 
  • Your Christian values.  
  • Your Conservative viewpoint.
After all, they have profited from your care and hard work brought about by your Christian Conservative values.   It can be a shock to find so many young people are returning with more than a degree.   Whether it is from peer pressure or through Left-Leaning professors.  These views are totally alien to yours.  
That is when you may have discovered Microaggressions.  

Microagressions are infecting America’s colleges and universities. Students want to sterilize campuses. Removing all words, ideas, and subjects that might cause offense or even discomfort!

So your budding lawyer got into Harvard to study Law.  Great!  In this case, you might be surprised to find Jeannie Suk a professor at Harvard was asked by her law students not to teach rape law as it caused students distress.

Not great news for any person that wants to have a fully competent lawyer coming out of Havard in 2020.  
So then, what is going on that students are now dictating the terms?  Is your teenager turning into a Snowflake! Offended by the slightest of misspoke words, a sign, or maybe even your own views.
Ryan Chae writing for the Berkely Review said he'd noticed some changes on University Campuses.
"It's methods have led to an offshoot culture of verbal policing and entitlement that is detrimental not only to individuals but also to our democratic society at large."

Snowflakes Are Impacting Education

Northwestern University professor Laura Kipnis writes,

“Emotional discomfort is [now] regarded as equivalent to material injury, and all injuries have to be remediated.”
Likewise, under a pseudonym, a petrified professor wrote an essay for Vox describing how gingerly he now has to teach. The Headline was: 
 “I’m a Liberal Professor, and My Liberal Students Terrify Me.” 
The point is these Liberal Studies, and Humanity professors have given their students the idea that students 'feelings' have priority over ideas, debate, and dialogue. That everyone is either a Victim or an Aggressor.
As a result, their students are fragile beings with incredible power and they wield it in the most tyrannical of ways!
Getting people suspended and sacked for minor indiscretions.  Students are now seeking out new indiscretions every day. Bringing down authority figures and competing for kudos on social media platforms.  Under the circumstances shouldn't students be more interested in getting a degree, a job, a home, a partner for life?  


Life is a challenge and is meant to be a challenge. As we go through life the trials, tribulations, ups, and downs that swing from great times to sadness beyond words are not things we can avoid. If such discomfort is caused by one word how can you compete for even survival against the challenges life always throws your way?
According to the most-basic tenets of psychology, helping people with anxiety disorders avoid the things they fear is misguided.  
It is primarily through exposure to words and ideas that cause anxiety or discomfort, and sometimes even anger, that individuals foster critical thinking skills, wisdom, and understanding.
As a Conservative, you have probably been teaching your kids to be robust beings who do not flinch from individual responsibility. No doubt you have been saying for years what's with this Nanny State.  Its unwelcome and intrusive no one wants government interference and legislation to tell us how to think and act. 

TRIGGER WARNINGS & PANDERING TO MICROAGGRESSIONS MAKE US ALL WEAK! As the saying goes “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

Its been a while since Trigger Warnings were introduced.  They were meant to shield people. Originally a term and concept used by feminists discussing violence against women, that spread to TV, printed media, and university courses.
Studies now show Trigger Warnings don’t help students, and they might even hurt those grappling with serious trauma. That’s the upshot of a new study on trigger warnings published in Clinical Psychological Science.



"Protectiveness teaches students to think in a very different way. It prepares them poorly for professional life, which often demands intellectual engagement with people and ideas one might find uncongenial or wrong. The harm may be more immediate, too. A campus culture devoted to policing speech and punishing speakers is likely to engender patterns of thought that are surprisingly similar to those long identified by cognitive behavioral therapists as causes of depression and anxiety. The new protectiveness may be teaching students to think pathologically."

A Warning To Us All - Once Again Free Speech is Under Attack

Microaggressions are not just on campuses they are spread across all of society.  The most obvious example is saying All Lives Matter instead of repeating the mantra Black Lives Matter. However, if anything and everything can be considered a microaggression it means we cannot discuss contentious issues. Unpleasant subjects should be avoided in case someone is emotionally hurt by the topic or the handling of the topic.



Re-Education Instead Of Lets Talk Turkey

You might think that some plain talking about getting over micro slights that were most likely unintentional would be the best course of action. But NO! Dr Sue and his team are developing a theory and classification system. They want to describe and measure the microaggression phenomenon: 
"to help people of color understand what is going on and perhaps to educate white people as well."

The Thought Police Are Active Near You!

If you want to take a look at how insane this has got you can read the Messiah.edu Paper on Microaggressions in the Classroom. You will quickly realize how impossible it will make teaching, Every action can be second-guessed or might be misinterpreted. The Paper offers up 31 examples of 'microaggressions for teachers to reflect on in order to raise awareness and sensitivity toward creating more inclusive and supportive classroom and school environments.'
Next thing you know the educators are focused on saving their jobs and not educating our young people.  Terrified of unintentionally hurting someone's feelings and being made a villain. 




Only Way To Avoid Microaggressions If You Are White

In short, Left-Wing advice unanimously is "Say Nothing". Yeap, don't even go there. Any question that starts with a What, When, How should be avoided. Likewise, compliments will backfire.  Unless you are talking to another white person.  If you are white just stop talking! 

An Alternative To Being Offended By Everything

How about we go back a few years to the days when we could speak without someone second-guessing our motives. Accordingly, 'we' could learn not to be offended as a nation.  Positive Thinking!  



Dr Sue and Diane Goodman, social justice and diversity consultant advise 'victims' to ask for clarification, separate intent from impact, share the process.  All meant to help the 'aggressor' change their behavior.

Not Being Easily Offended Makes You Happy & Is Part Of God's Plan

According, to Ken Wert, the founder of MeantToBeHappy.com "God's plan for you and me has happiness at its core." He believes there are "specific causes" for unhappiness including being offended by everything.
  1. Talk Yourself out of Being Offended.
  2. Put Yourself in the “Offender's” Shoes.
  3. Assume a Benevolent Motive.
  4. Practice Detachment.
  5. Learn Humility.
  6. Love Truth more than Being Right.
  7. Overcome Self-Centeredness.
  8. Reserve Judgment.
  9. Accept Imperfection
  10. Accept Yourself




You were probably unaware that you are a perpetrator of microaggressions.  That's OK most of us are.  We probably need 're-educating!'
Furthermore, you aren't a bad person just the wrong color, that is to say - white.
If you were black you could knock yourself out with offensive words.  Don't believe me?  Listen to any Black Rap music.  It's totally acceptable to the tyrannical Left that misogyny exists in rap music.  The lyrics and videos support, justify, and even glorify the objectification and exploitation of women.  
But according to the Far-Left, we (they mean, all white people) are guilty.
Apparently microaggressions can be so subtle, it's often hard to know if you're committing one. Or if you're on the receiving end!
Therefore, we shouldn't be too quick to jump on the bang wagon of the latest round of Political Correctness. Let's not allow the Tyrannical-Left to push this policy forward. It will lead to good people being fired, society changed forever and your life forever altered.
Some psychologists might be saying microaggressions are “death by a thousand cuts”. Conversely, others are saying it is actually bad for your mental health and surely it stops you from being able to deal with the challenges life actually throws your way.
Abraham Lincoln had it right - 

“We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.” 


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