Fascism, Neo Marxism, Hate Speech Are DESTROYING Your Free Speech! Here's Why And How You Need To Make A Difference!

The Neo-Marxist, Cultural Marxist, Far-Left is on the rise and demanding legislation that will stifle honest debate.  And end Free Speech!

When Jordan Peterson tells you the Neo-Marxists are on the rise and it is Dangerous You Need to Take Notice!
According to Peterson, the Communist, Socialist, and left-wing Intellectuals are giving authority to people acting out against Capitalist / Free Market success. From Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top - the attack is at all levels. They are starting with demands for the reconstruction of language. Reshaping the way you and I speak.
So why should you be worried?  Well, they are coming for you and me.  Furthermore, they intend to get legislation in line to enforce it.  Soon you will not be able to use certain words without being prosecuted for it.  This, of course, is meant and will stifle debate.

Language Policing Policies

"Corporations are letting these Far-Left Fifth columnists into their organizations. Do you think it will stop at the demands for the reconstruction of language? We believe it will not. Corporations think it won't interfere with the bottom line... It's a warning. You let that Fifth Column in and you are going to regret it." Jordan Peterson

Diversity is rapidly becoming conformity. 


We are told we must embrace this new directive from the Far-Left.  We've stopped discussing diversity and how we can bring it in.  Because that is already mainstream, mission accomplished for the left. Now they march onto the new ground like locusts washing across a plain.  The tyrannical Left are now pushing for a disproportional amount of 'under-represented groups' to be given jobs and opportunities where white people should not even be considered.  In short - we are actively seeing reverse discrimination.   It is actually offensive now to say 'we must get the best person for the job.' A VERY damaging and dangerous situation for us all. Anyone who's ever run anything knows how important it is to have the right people in charge.
Far-Left Intellectuals think they are re-educating us to be compassionate. But, being carelessly compassionate without looking down the line and seeing where this will take us is folly.

Joe Biden is in hot water

For example, Joe Biden has hit the headlines.  He probably thought he was being progressive.  Appeasing the loony left and gathering in more votes.  In other words, he would pick a 'female running mate'.  You think they would cheer but no. 
There has been an onslaught of 'appalled' democrats angered by 'racist, sexist tropes' because senior democrats and contributors want a say in picking the best female candidate for the job. What a shock! People want a say for their hard-earned $$$ but for the fascists, this is a step too far because nothing matters apart from what they desire and they are not scared of telling everyone exactly how it should be.
Therefore, the only way to appease everyone now will be to put 'a black woman on the ticket.' said LaTosha Brown, the co-founder of Black Voters Matter. The new spokespeople and kingmakers in the democratic party.
There would be nothing wrong with picking a black woman, a purple or blue woman if she was the best candidate for the job.  But will she be?  Or will she just be the best person chosen for the optics? Because of the color of her skin? Martin Luther King had a dream where all people regardless of the color of their skin would be judged on the content of their character! This is a dream once again in America but from a totally different point of view!  Back to the running mate for sleepy Joe, will she be taken seriously on the world stage? Will she be considered someone with merit or will she forever be seen as the candidate who ticked the most PC boxes?  Above all, how many boxes will need to be ticked to satisfy this non-sensical crowd of left-wing crazies? 

The Right Person For The Job Is Good For Us All

We should all be working together to create a good society for us all without taking away the ability of the individual to create success.  Free Speech and Individual Merit is paramount to creating a great society that benefits everyone.


Fascism Starts Taking Hold When We Shut Down Dialogue By Force. 

There are campaigns underway right now to legislate for Hate Speech.   By the way, they mean anything that offends or upsets a person.  


It is already illegal to carry out a hate crime. 


The FBI has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” Hate crimes, which can also encompass a person’s color or national origin, are overt acts that can include violence against persons or property, violation of civil rights, conspiracy, certain “true threats,” and acts of intimidation. 
But you can say whatever you like.  THE FBI HAS NO DEFINITION FOR HATE SPEECH.

In the United States, free speech is protected by the First Amendment (for now). Courts extend this protection on the grounds that THE FIRST AMENDMENT REQUIRES THE GOVERNMENT TO STRICTLY PROTECT ROBUST DEBATE ON MATTERS OF PUBLIC CONCERN.


Hence, there is no legal definition of "hate speech" under U.S. law.


The Far-Left is targeting our compassion to bring in this legislation. Criminalizing rudeness is authoritarian enough but criminalizing speech that doesn't call for violence is fascism and should be treated as such by all reasonable people who love living in freedom.


You need to be pretty brave or thick-skinned to say out loud in mixed company in some parts of America today - I'm against legislating Hate Speech.  As 'we' are being taught that only a villain would be against verbally hurting peoples feelings. 



To clarify, no one likes genuine hate speech.
No one backs brutal verbal attacks on individuals or calls for violence against people. That is not acceptable whether it's Antifa or the KKK and we stand against the speech of that kind but it's not prevalent in the masses. It's a few individuals. So why is the Far Left pushing to regulate for Hate Speech?  This is something that should be asked and answered by Politicians before its too late to do something about it. 
Edmund Burke. All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke.

Who defines Hate Speech?

The most alarming part of this is who gets to decide what hate speech is?  
It's going to be the people who we would least want to make that decision because those are the only people interested in this topic and they have the momentum!
This attack on free speech is an attack on us! Our society and our children's future. If we don't stand up for what we believe in now at least at the ballot this year and vote for Trump we may never get the chance to stand up for what we believe in at all.

So who will seek to legislate SPEECH?

Jordan Peterson the acclaimed bestseller and conservative psychologist thinks it will be power-hungry people using yet another 'ethical case' to control the future by controlling the dialogue. This is not sensible legislation! So a sensible normal thinking person will not want anything to do with controlling Free Speech.



You and I are not going to be represented on such a committee should a committee ever be appointed to discuss it. More likely perhaps is the sliding in of such legislation with a democratic president, when one-day free speech ends with no firing of guns, no readying of the army, no nukes from Russia or China but a cultural take over by people who hate what America is and what America stands for.


If you needed a reason to vote Trump in 2020 now you have plenty of reasons enough.



The Tactic From Those Lining Up Against Free Speech:

How are the commies pushing this narrative?  Well one popular question posed to anyone with a Conservative opinion is - Does YOUR right to Free Speech trump the right for someone not be Offended? This can and will stifle political discourse.   
As a rule, its a point of view often asked by journalists to guests they disagree with take this very famous example which ends in failure for this UK 'journalist'.

No contentious issue can ever be discussed again if legislation comes in banning Hate Speech. Because Hate Speech will now include hurting peoples feelings or offending someone by the tyrannical left.


Take a look at our INFOGRAPHIC - What Could Be Lost If Hate Speech Is Criminalized.  You're going to be surprised by how many things could be affected.


When the Neo-Marxists have controlling power over the use of language they can ban anything that will offend or hurt someone's feelings from the LGBTQIAP: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Pansexual or BLM groups. Did we miss any out? There is sooooo many! 


In a world where everyone is and can be offended, I'm sure the list will stretch right around the world.      


'The rule is - I don't get to offend you'
As a result of such legislation, important issues would no longer be discussed.   It would be impossible not to offend people.  Therefore, it would stifle debate.  The larger the subject the larger the group to be offended.  Creative industries would need to pander to 'The No Offence Police'.    It could put an end to:
  • Any Political Rally that was not fully Left-Wing.
  • University debates would be a thing of the past.
  • YouTube channels that are not fully Left-Wing
  • Fox News
  • Academics like Jordan Peterson
  • Comedy shows would be dead.  
  • TV shows and Films that showed an all-white family regardless of any retro depiction.
  • TV shows and films that weren't demographically left-wing 'balanced'.
  • Historical dramas depicting past 'prejudices'.
  • No more Dramas with historically accurate gender or race.
  • All 'White Privileged' roles would need to be reassigned with lead characters with minority status regardless of the suitability for the role.
  • Books - using any character that was not fully Politically Correct in thought and deed.
  • Books would be banned where the characters could not mirror the life experience of the writer by race, gender, or traumatic experience. i.e. no male can write a female character. No white person can write a black character.
  • Slimming groups - making negative comments about weight offending Body Positive Groups.
  • Male only groups. Female only groups.
  • Male only Sports. Female only Sports.
  • Singing patriotic songs.
  • White faith groups.



    Jordan Peterson thinks it will be impossible to debate with the No Offense Police waiting for you to transgress. 
    Jordan Peterson -
    'May be we can still have a discussion about something difficult if its one person. What if I'm talking to ten people about an important thing? Now I have to make sure I don't say anything, despite the fact its about a contentous issue. That I don't say anything that offends even one of those ten people. May be I could manage that. What if I am talking to a thousand people? There is going to be someone in that thousand people that is offended by the mear fact that I exist. So it's an impossible standard. You can't say anything offensive. Ok fine. So you can't say ANY THING! OK, so what? You don't get to say anything because no one should be offended. Then you don't get to think! What happens if you don't think? Then you can't negotiate your way through the future. And you fall into a pit. And so does everyone else. So that is where that all ends up.'
    Just a snippet from a fascinating interview with John Anderson on Is Neo-Marxism on the rise? 


    You may not have noticed the slow creep of censoring speech but its already happening in your schools and libraries.  The American Library Association have just produced a guide on how to deal with a perceived spike in Hate Crime due to the election. The document entitled: Hateful Conduct in Libraries: Supporting Library Workers and Patrons by American Library Association
    It is produced by the Office for Intellectual Freedom and Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services.  A title which has all the hallmarks of a department rampant with Russian revolution like fanatics. These fanatics prepared "a resource to provide additional guidance for librarians struggling with issues of hate and intolerance." This resource focuses on public libraries, academia, and schools.


    In the American Library Association document, they cite the Bill of Rights but then go on to dismiss it. 

    “A person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views.” — Article V, Library Bill of Rights
    But The American Library Association conclude:
    "This statement from the Library Bill of Rights establishes equal access for all as a fundamental user right. HOWEVER, it is important to recognize that historical inequities, MICROAGGRESSIONS, power, and privilege (WHITE PRIVILEGE, GENDER PRIVILEGE, able-bodied privilege, etc.) impact library spaces every day. This may play out as negative bias in policies, access, or direct interactions with people of color, immigrants, refugees, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) communities.
    We're already too late.  The libraries have turned to the dark side.  Well, that is if you are white because 'you have white privilege and its time for a change.' Engage in it and embrace it or these revolutionaries could be coming for you with the power your hard-earned tax dollars afford them!



    The American Library Association add

    "Creating an inclusive space requires ongoing education, discussions, and development for library staff and the communities served."


    In an article entitled
    Jonathan Turley states :
    "Yet the most chilling aspect of the recent calls for speech controls is the call for the adoption of European-style hate crime laws. Free speech is in free fall in Europe where countries like France, Germany and England routinely charge people for speech deemed offensive or insulting to any group. These laws, Stengel assures readers, are intended to “curb the incitement of racial and religious hatred.”
    Want a glimpse at the future?
    Hate Speech legislation dramatically curbs free speech in ways you probably have not even considered.  Turley gives these examples: 
    • "In France, 12 protesters were fined for supporting the boycott of Israel. 
    • In Denmark, a politician was convicted of burning Korans.
    • A German politician was criminally charged for calling migrants “scum.”
    • In England, a Baptist minister was jailed overnight for preaching against homosexuality.
    • And a man was investigated for telling a Nelson Mandela joke.


    Authority To Create A Witch Hunt

    Beyond the obvious offenses, you can report anything you think hurt your feelings directly or indirectly.  That includes something you heard on the radio, TV, over the garden fence.  This is happening in Europe now. So anyone with a grudge can target neighbors, 'friends', ex-partners, colleagues. Not just TV personalities, powerful people or celebrities. Any You-Tuber, or person posting on Facebook or Twitter.  Now you have a witch hunt where anyone can have the Police knocking at their door for the slightest infringement. 
    Subsequently, London's Metropolitan Police force has 900 specialist Hate Crime investigators (and this includes Hate Speech). Meanwhile, they appear to have limited resources to deal with serious crimes such as knife crime which has gone up and have made the decision to not investigate burglaries.


    The problem is the Far-Left and some Democrats are not going to be content with prosecuting people using the 'N' word. They are Offended by you expressing your Conservative views. Nothing radical you don't need to be a Neo-Nazi. Normal expressions of concern about immigration, abortion, or trans issues will not only be unacceptable. They will be illegal. So there will be no debate. Policy changes will go through unchallenged. No one will be able to express an opposing view. It will be illegal to use the language necessary to debate.
    Lastly, speech, debate and dialogue is the way we negotiate our way through difficult situations. Either immediately or in the future to avoid potential disasters.  We should not allow speech to be stifled under the guise of 'hurt feelings'.
    Benjamin Franklin warned citizens

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”


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