BBC Backs Trump In AMAZING Demolition Job Of Fake News Media!!!

The British Broadcasting Company has been a British institution since 1922. Its long history in media has given it a recognizable name across the world. When it came down on the side of President Trump against the fake news media we knew we had to bring that news to you!
The British Broadcasting Corporation is a UK government-funded institution and is meant to be impartial (most people believe it is not). One of the programs that go out on the World Service is the BBC's program called Reality Checker. It examines the facts and claims behind headlines and stories in the public eye. They try to determine whether it is true or not.
So when we came across this very topical segment - Coronavirus: Five Trump Claims Fact-Checked. We couldn't resist making an infographic to share with you.
The BBC Reality Check team wanted to fact check some of President Donald Trump's recent claims. This was after President Trump had been defending his handling of the coronavirus outbreak in the news.


They investigated five claims :
  • Testing - Mr Trump made this statement on 25 March, when the latest official data showed that a total of 418,810 people had been tested in the US.
  • Death Rate - Statements related to the telephone interview on Fox News. President Trump discussed The WHO report from the 3 March based on all the confirmed coronavirus cases that had resulted in death.
  • Comparisons with the Flu - The Reality Check Team were looking into a statement made by President Trump on the 9th March. Reference the number of death from the flu compared to the coronavirus.
  • Vaccines - On the 7th of March President Trump made claims about the speed of getting a vaccine.
  • Actions are taken - They investigated the claim made on the 29th of February by President Trump about the US's level of actions taken which had imposed sweeping restrictions and some quarantine measures.






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