Democrats Are FREAKING Out Over This! Conservatives Live Happier Lives!

Religious Conservatives Live The Best Lives! The Results Are In And Its CONCLUSIVE!


Could changing your political and spiritual view point lead to better health, more will power and a greater meaning in life? YES it can according to these ground breaking results!

Surveys Confirm Religious Conservatives Are HAPPIER Than Non-Religious Democrats! Are You Surprised?

In a world where everything is changing at a pace few can keep up with. When Covid-19 is changing the way we can interact. When politics turns into verbal and physical battles from the halls of congress to the streets of Portland. We could all do with finding a way to be grounded. For religious conservatives that's god and he makes a huge difference in their quality of life!

Religious Conservatives seem to have the answers in the way they conduct themselves and lead their everyday lives.


First some important data so we can get some context.

Belief in God by political party

Republican 73%

Democrat 55%


There are significantly more religious Republicans than Democrats. We always assumed so and for most of us this will be of little surprise. 





Dr Conrad Hackett, associate director of research and senior demographer at Pew Research Center was asked what he had learnt about the relationship between religion and health in the United States.

Consistent with prior studies, we find that actively religious people in the U.S. are more likely to say they are very happy, that they vote in national elections and that they’re more engaged in community life in the sense that they belong to at least one nonreligious organization.
But the health findings are more complicated. It turns out, the actively religious are less likely to drink alcohol regularly or to smoke. However, they aren’t significantly different from the “nones” in their frequency of exercise or whether they’re overweight. Interesting stats indeed!
We also looked closely at self-rated health, which health researchers have found to be a generally reliable measure of overall physical well-being. We see a significant positive relationship between being actively religious and having a top health rating in 11 of 30 datasets we analyzed. So it turns out that, in the U.S., religion is linked to some positive health outcomes, but not as consistently as religion’s tie to happiness.

Talking about health. Another study by Brunel University concluded:


Physically Stronger Men are more likely to hold Capitalist views. And physically weak men are more likely to be socialist.


Across five studies, conservatives reported greater meaning and purpose in life than liberals!

Its been said before that Conservatives report greater life satisfaction than liberals, but this relationship evidence was considered relatively weak and narrow by David B. Newman, Arthur A. Stone, Norbert Schwarz from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA and Jesse Graham  
from the Department of Management, Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
So they carried out a Psychological and Personality Science Study. They found conclusive evidence in all “five data sets that included representative samples from 16 countries,” 
We addressed this shortcoming by examining the relationship between political orientation as well-being using measures of life satisfaction, affect, and meaning and purpose in life.
Participants completed well-being measures after reflecting on their whole life, at the end of their day, and in the present moment.
Across five studies, conservatives reported greater meaning and purpose in life than liberals at each reporting periodThis finding remained significant after adjusting for religiosity and was usually stronger than the relationships involving other well-being measuresFinally, meaning in life was more closely related to social conservatism than economic conservatism

meaning in life was more closely related to social conservatism than economic conservatism. 


Sex Is Better Among Religious Conservatives

It official! According to a survey published by the University of Chicago and a national poll of 1,001 married Americans commissioned by Parade magazine.

Religious Conservatives are having a much better sex life.


That is what researchers found when they asked couples from various religious denominations. Including non religious couples about their sex life. They learned that the married faithful had the best sex life. These religious couples reported that not only was their sex more frequent. They were far more likely to rate their sex as being extremely satisfying.
Given there are more Republicans who consider themselves people with Faith than there are Democrats I think we can conclude that Conservatives have better sex lives in general.

“Conservatives tend to believe they had a greater control over their outcomes.”

With better control of our mind we can do anything we put our Conservative minds to!
Results from three separate studies link a person's political ideology to the performance of their self-control.

With conservatives demonstrating greater self-control than liberals.

The research led by Joshua John Clarkson, a University of Cincinnati assistant professor of marketing, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
Professor Clarkson explains how the research offers clear insight into the psyche of consumers.
'When marketers consider self-control, we tend to think of sticking to a diet or exercise regimen, not wandering off your grocery list or avoiding impulsive purchases. All of these behaviors exhibit elements of attention regulation and persistence. Ultimatelyhowever, it all comes down to believing whether or not you can control your own behavior, and what we're finding is that conservatives are more likely to believe they can control their own behavior.'


 Republicans have reported themselves to be happier than Democrats every single year since the general social survey began in 1972!

The last time there was a study into the different levels of happiness between Liberals and Conservatives was 2006. Back then a ...
Pew study of public opinion in the US found that 47% of Republicans reported themselves to be ‘very happy’ compared to just 28% of liberal democratsRepublicans have reported themselves to be happier than Democrats every single year since the general social survey began in 1972 and the relationship does not seem to be mediated by whether Democrats or Republicans are in power,” notes Big Think.
The landscape of the West in general is very different from 2006. George W. Bush was President. No one had heard of White Privilege and the only person seriously talking about socialism was college professors. Our history was not under attack and Black Lives Matter did not exist, neither did Antifa! And no one was pandering to a few whining Snowflakes or fascists defacing the nation!

And on that point it is worth pointing out that most Liberals in 2006 would now find themselves with more in common with Conservatives than they have with the newly Woke Democratic Party. 

But back to who is happier.  In 2020 we are facing turbulent times politically. Progressive Democrats are peddling Division and Identity Politics. This unhappy collective is demanding radical solutions where there are little or no problems! Despite what they say often the facts are completely to the contrary which is why no facts are EVER presented just feeling! As Ben Shapiro once said facts don't care about your feelings and we say facts are what matter not feelings.
It is hard to imagine Democrats attending BLM rallies, that turn into riots, are happier than Conservatives attending church.
If the Western World is as bleak as the Progressive Democrats insist this can only lead to unhappiness, discord and anxiety. They seem to be ruining America but maybe they are suffering more than anyone, i certainly wouldn't want to spend a day in the mind of one of them!

Accordingly, we could surmise that if another poll was conducted in 2020. It would once again find Conservatives are Happier than Liberals.


Conservatives have their focus on individual responsibility, family, friends, community and faith. Knowing happiness comes from within, we Conservatives immediately have the advantage over Left Leaning Democrats as we are not waiting for someone else to sort things out for us!
We find that more attractive individuals are more likely to report higher levels of political efficacy, identify as conservative, and identify as Republican,
say the authors of the study, by Susquehanna and Illinois State Universities.
“Attractive children have been shown to experience warmer treatment from their parents as well as strangers,”
says study co-author Rolfe D. Peterson writes in the journal Politics and the Life Sciences.


There are a lot of studies out there showing that Conservatives, particularly religious ones, believe they have a good life. Their well being is not coming from others handing out state freebies but from within. Its comes from their own self-belief and their own efforts to belong, be a good person, a great partner, parent and to take part in their community.  Making their own best life.  And long may it be so.
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